Stewardess and Nurse Anal Girdle Sex

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Oh my god!!!!! I can’t believe I did this. I have had anal sex only once before in my life when I was very young and Cathy talked me into doing it again. I wear a real nurse’s uniform and she wears this GREAT stewardess outfit. I dance and strip for her, she does the same for me and when she bends over in her VERY TIGHT pencil skirt, you can see the outline of her panties. We strip down to our girdles, bras, panties and ff stockings, then we take each other’s panties off. Lots of REAL oral sex, Cathy got so hard and wet when I licked her clit. She puts on my strap on dildo and I give her a blow job (this is too kinky), she puts lubricant on it and then puts it right in my bottom. Great pain at first (you can see it on my face), but then WOW. I had the greatest orgasm. I turn around and put a big dildo inside her and she has a tremendous orgasm herself. This is real sex, no fake groans, moans, and writhing, guaranteed no fake orgasms. Just two girls truly enjoying each other wearing fabulous girdles, bras, stockings and panties.
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