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Julia The Nurse and Fiona The Bride Part 1

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I am so happy to introduce my new friend Fiona. She only 22 years old and just the sexiest thing you have ever seen in a bridal gown. Veil and all. She is so pretty and such a hottie. She is wearing a full bridal gown and, if you look closely you can see her vintage garter belt and panties through the shiny white material. Fiona loves to show off so she lets you right under her full gown and you can look closely at her garter belt, stocking tops and see her totally transparent hip hugger briefs. She raises her skirts as you sit back and enjoy the show. Nurse Julia arrives just to make sure everything is all right before the wedding. Fiona, it appears is a bit nervous but I must inspect her underwear. Fiona hikes up her gown, and I put my hands on her bottom and you can see all this through a sheer crinoline. I play with her panties and at the same time my nurse’s dress rides up and you can see my vintage bikini briefs and garter belt as well. Fiona gets very excited being inspected in such a personal way and her legs open. What an opportunity for nurse Julia. I bury my head right under her dress and go down on her to get her in the mood. She makes me do a striptease for her and watches as my nurse’s uniform falls away. I am feeling soooo sexy now. I hope you are too. Fiona asks me to stand over her in my panties so I show them to her and she begs me to sit on her face. I oblige and she licks my nylon briefs as she gropes my pantied bottom still in her wedding gown.


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