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Julia The Nurse and Fiona The Bride Part 3

Runtime: 67 Photos, 00:0

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In this final installment of this sexy series, I am having a really horny time going down on Fiona with her stockinged legs spread wide, still wearing her veil, bra and garter belt. She gets so damn horny as I flick my tongue over her swollen clit and bring her to a great orgasm. But I have another surprise. I show her a really large dildo and you can see Fiona's face light up because she knows she can play with me. She takes great delight in pushing it deep inside my swollen pussy with my stockinged legs spread wide and my bikini panties hanging off of one leg. I am overwhelmed with desire as I climax with Fiona just ramming this huge dildo right up to the hilt. We kiss and cuddle, smile and fondle knowing she is well prepared for her husband to be


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