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Gear VR
1. Install Samsung VR in your smartphone
2. Find a video in FFstockings VR Section and click either the Ultra High Quality or High Quality Download button. 
3. Connect your smartphone to your computer
4. Create a SamsungVR folder in the local storage of your phone if there isn't one there already.  Copy your downloaded video to the /samsungvr folder on your phone
5. Place your smartphone in your GearVR headset and open the SamsungVR app. Once the app has loaded and you're in the main screen, you'll see four menu options directly above (Search, Home, Device and Account). Select "Device" to load your available videos. In order to see the videos within the SamsungVR folder, select "Downloaded" or "Sideloaded" and select the FFstockings VR video you just moved there and enjoy the show!