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HTC Vive
1. Log in at www.ffstockings.com/ and download the movie you want to watch.
2. Make sure you already have the Whirligig VR video player installed on your machine. You can download it from the internet and install it. You'll need it to watch FFstockings virtual reality content.
3. Once Whirligig is installed, create a folder on your desktop for the video, and download the StockingsVR movie to that folder.
4. Make sure that your HTC Vive headset is configured properly, and your settings adjusted to your liking.
5. Double click Whirligig to open. Once the window appears, put on your headset.
6. You'll see video with settings options. We suggest the following settings for watching StockingsVR movies:
- Viewing: Fisheye Over/Under
- Tilt: 90
- Field of View (FOV): 180
- Radius: 30
7. Once you complete your settings, press the "Enter" key on your keyboard to play video.
Other settings for the Mac OS X
8. Go to System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement and tick the Mirror Displays box.
9. OS X using a vertical orientation for the Vive display, so you need to go to the Display tab > Rotation and choose 90°. Also make sure that the refresh rate is set to 75Hz and the resolution is Scaled > 1080p.