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Minnie and Mary's Sexy Panty Videos
Mr. Beckman's Home Movie of Minnie and Mary

Mr. Beckman is taking full advantage of his agreement with Mary and Minnie.  He has given them a luxurious apartment in the most expensive part of town, and all they have to do is perform for him and pose and do what he asks every week.  This week, he has dropped by in person and surprises the girls with a movie camera set up to record his fun.  They are both thrilled at the prospect of making a sexy movie with their Austrian millionaire benefactor.  They are quick to flip up their skirts to show Mr. Beckman their underwear.  Pretty Minnie is wearing white pantyhose with the sexiest blue bikini panties underneath. Mary is wearing very hot red    bikini panties, stockings and a vintage garter belt.  The girls talk a lot in this video and you can tell just how much fun they are having.    They get up on the bed and do a striptease as Mr. Beckman looks up under their skirts.  They show off their bottoms in their sexy panties and nylons and then expose their titties for Mr. Beckman to look and play with.  The camera work is a bit amateur, because Mr. Beckman is operating the camera with a remote control.  The girls both know Beckman is making the movie to watch later and ham it up for the cameraMinnie pulls down her pantyhose, plays with her panties.  Mary strips down to her garter belt and sits on lucky Mr. Beckman's face as Minnie fingers Mary's pussy.   Minnie takes off her sexy panties and is totally naked and they pull down Mr. Beckman's trousers and Minnie rubs her panties on his underwear.   This movie is only going to get better knowing what Mr. Beckman loves to see these girls do.  Ah to be rich and have two beautiful girls at your beck and call.  He is such a lucky guy.
Part 2 continues
.....Mary asks Mr. Beckman if they can jerk him off with Minnie's sexy panties.  They rub his cock with the blue panties and talk about Beckman jerking off when he watches the movie.  They look right into the camera while they talk about jerking off.  The girls talk about how horny they get being in movies and they kiss and grope then both grab Mr. Beckman's cock and do a two hand jerk off....talking all the time.    Beckman is jerking off as the Mary spreads her stockinged legs and Minnie rubs Mary's pussy.  This is so sexy but wait....Both the girls want to suck  Mr. Beckman off and they do. One at a time then they tag team, Minnie then Mary then Minnie then Mary.  Lucky Mr. Beckman.   This is some serious blow job actionBoth girls lick his cock at the same time and their tongues intertwine around his hard dick.  Then they see who can go deepest and one of the girl's almost gags and takes it all the way down to the hilt and her eyes water.  Can you guess which girl?   Minnie or Mary.
The Conclusion....Well, now you know who almost gagged on Mr. Beckman's hard cock.  The girls want to treat Mr. Beckman to the best sex of his life for giving them this amazing penthouse.  But they tussle over who gets to go first.   Minnie wins and she sits on Mr. Beckman and rides him, totally naked.   The lucky fellow gets to fuck pretty Minnie and watch Mary at the same time.  Then its Mary's turn and she climbs on and rides him like a champ in her garter belt and stockings.  Wait till you see her butt and titties bouncing as she gives him the ride of his life.   It is so damn horny.  But Mr. Beckman has a surprise for the girls.    He pulls out two pairs of panties and you watch as they slide them on.   Mary over her garter belt and stockings and Minnie over her bare bottom.  They show them off for Mr. Beckman and the camera then, get down on their hands and knees with their panties stretched tight across their bottoms in front of Mr. Beckman and they play with them as they encourage him to jerk off until he finally cums all over the tight sexy nylon panties.   The girls both turn to the camera and thank Mr. Beckman in their inimitable cheery way.  What a great video.


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Minnie & Mary Sexy Lesbian Panty & Upskirt Striptease

If you like leggy girls in way too short skirts, showing off their nylons, then you shouldn't miss this very sexy panty and stocking video.   Pretty Mary is wearing a pleated mini skirt that rides way above her stocking tops.   You get some amazing views of her black garter straps and her shiny nylon bikini panties peek out beneath her hemline and her black stilettos look so sexy with her seamed stockings.  Petite Minnie has a short skirt and black pantyhose and when she lifts her skirt she shows off her yellow bikini panties under the black nylon of her hose.  The girls take turns dancing for you.  You lie on the floor and look up as they dance above you giving you some very hot panty and nylon views.  They bend over and show off their sexy bottoms in their hot panties.  They strip down to their bras, panties, heels, and nylons and dance just the way you like in their sexy lingerie.  It is such a treat to get the best of both worlds.    Panties, garter belt and stockings as well as panties under pantyhose.   Minnie and Mary grope each other as they strip down.   Mary spreads her stockinged legs wide to show off her wide panty crotch and Minnie strokes her nylon panties.  The girls slowly strip naked to show off their perfect bodies as you watch Mary go down lovingly and Minnie enjoy her oral attention. You get to see some horny scenes of Mary's perfect booty as she licks Minnie's pussy.  The girls then kiss deeply and smile at you, as if they know just what you are doing as you watch their sexy show.
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